Yoga Class For Beginners & Intermediate Yoga Learners

Relaxing & Enjoyable Yoga Class for All Ages. Available in Penang island Now!

a women sitting in lotus position

Relieve Your Stress & Calm Your Mind

The healing nature of yoga classes will help you to get rid of your anxiety and stress from work life. A good yoga class will help you become more mindful so that you live in the present (most of the time), which leads to increased happiness and optimal health.

Look Stronger & More Confident with Improved Body Posture

People who go to yoga lessons are more aware of their body posture in general. This helps you to correct your poor body posture while walking, sitting, and doing anything on a daily basis.

Dramatically Reduce Your Risk of Injury Compared To A Self Taught Course

When you learn yoga on your own, it does work. But there isn’t another person giving you personalised advice on what not to do, and what to do. This leads to a higher chance of injury without understanding why.

After years of doing yoga, our instructors know what is best for beginners and advanced learners.

Interested in Our Yoga Class?

Let us help you choose the right yoga class for you. A friendly team member will get back to you as soon as possible.

Yoga For Beginners

Basic & introductory yoga class for total beginners. This will be the only class you can join if you’re a first timer.

Yoga For Intermediate

For those who have completed the basic course and want to learn in-depth knowledge about yoga.

Yoga For Kids

Special fun & relaxing for kids to start learning about yoga. We allow parents to join the same class together with their kids.

Hatha Yoga

The most commonly practised yoga that emphasises on physical exercise, while balancing your inner peace.

Yin Yoga

The practice of Yin Yoga which believe by stretching and lengthening the body’s deep connective tissues, it will allow the energy (Qi) to flow more freely.

Iyengar Yoga

A type of Hatha yoga that was modernised by the father of yoga, B.K.S Iyengar.

Frequently Asked Questions About Joining Yoga Classes

How much is your yoga class?

Our yoga classes start from RM85/mo. It depends on the duration & type of class you sign up for. For 4 lessons package RM85. For 12 lessons package RM230. You can sign up for our class here and request for more information.

Will I slim down by practising yoga?

Practising yoga focuses on balancing your mind & body. Stress and a hectic lifestyle can be the main cause of weight gain for many people working in a stressful environment. By practising yoga, the aim is to clear your mind, find balance and increase your metabolism.

What do I need to know to join a yoga class?

You do not need to have basic experience of yoga to join us. We have sessions for yoga beginners to get onboard with us quickly. Just contact us for our yoga class schedule.

Is yoga a religion?

Many believe that if you practise yoga, you’re a Hindu. But yoga is NOT a religion. Whether it is compatible with other religions is a debatable topic. But we can guarantee that our yoga classes aim more towards relaxation and fitness.

How long is the course?

For beginners‘ yoga, it will take about 3 months to complete the basic course. When you move on to an intermediate class, it is a long term practise to help maintain the fitness level you want.