Are You Ready To Get Healthier, Fitter Mentally & Physically?

Discover The Practice of Yoga at Active Yoga’s Meet & Greet

a women sitting in lotus position

Slow Your Mind Down Before Sleep

Having trouble shutting off your brain and getting to sleep? Learn how to create a calm mind through yoga’s relaxing poses and breathing techniques. We guarantee you to sleep like a baby even after 1 session!

Ease Body Aches and Tense Muscles

Suffering from a headache, joint pain, back pain or any other body pain from long hours sitting at a desk job and leading an inactive lifestyle?

Get to know how yoga can alleviate body aches and tense muscles through stretching, strength and flexibility training.

\Feel your body relaxed and stronger after the class.

Fight Stress and Find Peace

Ever feel so frustrated and pent up even the smallest thing seems like it could make you explode?

Learn how to cope with stress and manage emotions through yoga’s mindful breathing exercises.

Enjoy the soothing and calming effects of yoga instantly!

Interested in Joining Our Meet & Greet?

We’d love to see you. Each session has a limit of 20 people only to avoid overcrowded in our limited space.

Book your place now.

What Will You Do

These meet & greet sessions offer you a chance to:

• Talk to our instructors and ask as many questions related to yoga as you want.
• Participate in our mini guided session to experience firsthand the benefits of yoga.

What Should I Bring

 The yoga mat will be provided by Active Yoga. Just bring:

Full set of workout clothes

Drink bottle

Sweat towel

Plastic or recycle bag

Join 1 short discovery session