Hatha Yoga Class

A basic and well known type of yoga that teaches you proper body posture, and how to relax your mind. Available in Penang island now!

Yoga That Helps Reduce Stress & Tension

Hatha yoga isn’t a sport that will make you feel exhausted and sweaty after the class. Instead, it will help you to feel looser and more relaxed. You will feel energised, with a sharper mind after a good yoga workout.

Low Impact, Healthy Workout For Adults

Yoga is safer and involves lower impact compared to other sports. You won’t hurt your knees because of too much jogging, won’t sprain your ankle because you’re trying to catch a falling shuttlecock. It is perfect for adults!

Relieve Back & Neck Pain With Proper Posture

Yoga helps to transform your body inside and outside, making you more aware of your body and mind after several months. Problems related to poor posture, bad sitting positions, etc will be a thing in the past because you’ll be more aware of your body all the time.

Interested in Our Hatha Yoga Class?

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Frequently Asked Questionsed About Joining Our Hatha Yoga Class

There are so many types of yoga available out there. I’m not sure which one is suitable for me.

If this is the first time you’re taking a yoga class, you will need to go through our yoga class for beginners before you can join other sessions. This helps you to understand a bit about yoga and avoid embarrassing moment where you have no idea what the instructor is saying during the class.

Otherwise, Hatha yoga is a good starting point to learn the basics first before you explore any other class.

I wish to slim down and look better. Is Hatha yoga suitable for me?

Practising yoga focuses on balancing your mind and body. Stress and a hectic lifestyle can be the main cause of weight gain for many people working in stressful environments. By practising yoga, the aim is to clear your mind, find balance and increase your metabolism.