Yoga Class For Beginners

Easy to do yoga pose & knowledge designed for total beginners to yoga. It is a class for everyone!

Small Yoga Class Size For Beginners

If this is the first time you try out yoga, then this is the right class for you. All your classmates will be just like you – starting from zero – and trying out some easy postures.No embarrassing moments where you don’t understand what the instructor is talking about. A smaller class size compared to our standard class allows our instructor to pay more attention to each individual student.

Accelerate Your Fitness Goal Through Balance Lifestyle

Yoga focuses on a balanced lifestyle, tightening your core body muscles to make your look and feel good. For people who tend to work and sit long hours, yoga is a very good sport to get started on your way to a healthier life.

Reduce Your Risk of Injury With Our Instructor Supervision

On your own, you might pick up incorrect ways of doing yoga or miss out on small details while practicing that can cause you harm. When you work out with our instructor, you receive proper guidance and instructions for yoga to reduce the risk of injury.

Interested in Our Yoga Class For Beginners?

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Frequently Asked Questions About Joining Our Beginners Yoga Class

What happens after the beginners yoga class?

You can proceed to a more advanced class if you still want to commit your time to practising yoga. Of course, you can continue to practise it at your own place, but when you join a community of yogis in a class, you’ll be motivated to learn even more about yoga.

Will I slim down by practising yoga?

Practising yoga focuses on balancing your mind and body. Stress and a hectic lifestyle can be the main cause of weight gain for many people working in a stressful environment. By practising yoga, the aim is to clear your mind, find balance and increase your metabolism.

Am I suitable or too late to join a yoga class?

It is not necessary to start learning yoga at a young age. Many of our students (and even our instructors) only choose to learn yoga as adults.Our beginners class is meant for those who have never tried out yoga before.

Is yoga a religion?

Many believe that if you practise yoga, you’re a Hindu. But yoga is NOT a religion. Whether it is compatible with other religions is a debatable topic. But we guarantee that our yoga classes are aimed more towards relaxation and fitness.

What do I need to prepare for yoga class?

You will need a yoga mat, and a set of comfortable sports attire. Unlike other sports where you need a lot of other equipment to help you, in yoga, your body is sufficient for the practise.