Kids Yoga Class

Fun & interactive introductory yoga class for kids. Now available in Penang island.

Let Your Kids Enjoy A Non-competitive & Relaxing Environment

Kids will discover it is not just about winning a game, and understand the difference between individuals. Yoga class is a place where no-one is going to judge them based on exam scores, giving them.

Improve Body Coordination, Strength, Balance

Practicing different poses during yoga class helps them to understand their own abilities and what they can do with their body. Not to mention fewer accidents in the playground and lower risk of injury as well.

Want To Let Your Kids Learn The Basic Of Yoga?

Get in touch with a team member and let us arrange a class for your kids.

Frequently Asked Questions About Joining Our Kids Yoga Class

What is the minimum age for a kid to join a yoga class?

The minimum age required is 8 year old for now. We find that any younger kids won’t be able to understand what the instructor is trying to teach.


Can I join the same class as my kids?

Yes, you can choose to join the same class and have fun together with your kids. Please note that kids cannot join in a standard yoga class for adults.